Buying a Car With Bad Credit

Having bad credit can affect your life in many ways. On top of experiencing difficulty obtaining a loan for a home, you might also have trouble financing a car. The good news is that is here to help you get a bad credit auto loan when you need it.

How to Obtain a Bad Credit Auto Loan

When you have bad credit, no credit or even horrible credit and you’re looking for newer pre-owned vehicle, it is always best to go through the pre-approval process by applying online first. It only takes about 3 minutes and you’ll find out how much financing you could qualify for in an instant. During this process, you will be required to provide some basic information such as:

  • Personal identifying details – residency, social insurance number, date of birth, etc.
  • The amount of your money that you earn or receive each month
  • Employer, if any, and time on the job
  • The amount of your monthly rent, mortgage, and credit card payments

When you have completed the application, we’ll contact you shortly to review your details and to set up a time for you to visit our North York used car dealership. You’ll be ready to shop for your next new to you vehicle knowing just how much of a car you can afford. Remember, when you are able to make a down payment, be it small or large, that can really help you keep your car payments low.

Personal car loans can be extremely helpful when you are tight on funds. Whether you need to get a valve replaced or receive a repair on the engine, you can get the funding that you need to make these repairs necessary. There is no need for you to stress about how you will be able to afford necessary repairs for your car. A bad credit personal car loan can give you the extra funds that you need to repair your car in a timely fashion. 

Buying a New or Used Vehicle

You may even wish to replace a car with a new vehicle. Those who want to purchase a used car to replace an older vehicle may need access to a few thousand dollars. There are certain used cars, such as a Honda Civic or Ford Taurus, that are known for their reliability and great gas mileage. You should be aware of consumer reviews before purchasing a used car to replace your older vehicle. You can submit a pre-approval application on our website to get started in obtaining the personal used car loan that you need. We will put you in touch with a dealer that can work with you to find a loan that is right for you. 

Setting a Budget for Repairs or a New Vehicle

When you face an unexpected repair for your car, it is important to take the cost of the repair into consideration. The cost of the repair may exceed the price of a used car or modest new car. You may be better off simply buying a new car instead of proceeding with repairs for your vehicle. If your existing car has racked up a lot of miles over the years, then this may be another reason to consider purchasing a new or used car instead of receiving repairs. 

Reviewing Your Auto Loan Options

If you need help in deciding on a bad credit personal car loan, then you may wish to work with our professionals to learn more about dealers in your area. We can help you learn about all of the bad credit personal car loan options that you have. We can also help you gain fast and easy pre-approval for the auto financing that you need. Even if you have sub-par credit, there are financing options available for you to get the repairs or new vehicle that you need.

Are you looking to finance a used car loan, but are wondering if having a credit score of 500 is enough? It used to be that having bad credit was a major obstacle to getting an auto loan. On car lots, it can be a real challenge to get a reasonable interest rate and payments if you’ve got less than perfect credit. The good news is that there are dealerships in the Greater Toronto area now that are willing to help and Canada Auto Approval is one of them.

It’s really something that can’t be described. Getting excited about that new car only to be turned down for your credit score is like being picked up into a cloud and slammed down on the ground with the news that you can’t get approved for one. However, at Canada Auto Approval, you can get approved for a used car loan with a 500 credit score today online.

At Canada Auto Approval, We Can Help!

With the assistance from our Credit Approval Company, you can get everything that you’re looking for when you want to buy a car around your area. Just because a dealer from another car lot says that you can’t get approved for an auto loan with bad credit doesn’t mean its over for you. At Canada Auto Approval we are here to help you buy a car with bad credit or any other credit situation that you may have or are going through.

Ways to Get Approved for a Car Loan with a 500 Credit Score

It may be hard finding a dealer or lender that will accept your credit score, but by working with us all you need to be qualified for a car loan is by having:

  • A good paying job
  • Photo identification (I.D)
  • Down Payment
  • Insurance
  • Trade-in (if possible)

If you worried about whether you’ll be denied going through a dealership in the Greater Toronto area, don’t! Canada Auto Approval can help you today. Just fill out an online auto loan and we’ll get you started on how to get a bad credit auto loan in your area.

A bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal can ruin your credit and leave you in a financial mess for months on end. The good news is that it’s not enough to stop you from ever getting credit again, in fact, if you’re in need of a car loan after your bankruptcy is willing to help you out right away. We have full faith that you have learned from your past financial mistakes and will continue to move forward in your financial life by making your car note payment each month.

Get a Deal Done When You Need an Auto Loan after Bankruptcy

At Canada Auto Approval we want to help you find a vehicle that you like and that you can afford to drive off our lot. The cars on our lots are late model gently used vehicles, but don’t turn your nose up just yet. All of our vehicles have a well-running motor, good tires, low miles and many even come with an extended warranty. The finance specialists at our North York dealership can help you find bad credit auto loan terms that are favorable to you.

How Can A Deal Be Done?

We can make any deal happen as long as you meet our minimum requirements of having a steady income from any source, proof of residency, at least 18 years of age, and a small down payment may be required. We use our own in-house financing to make the deal go through which means that we can play with the numbers all we want because we have no third party finance company that we need to show documentation to or explain why we want to help you get approved. With no third parties involved, everyone is approved!

What Will I Qualify For?

Each person will qualify for a different amount depending on their income and ability to pay. For the most part, you should be ready to buy:

  • A Car Less Than $10,000
  • A Car That is Around Five Years Old
  • A Car That May Have No Warranty

While that may sound dire, there are many great cars that are more than five years old. Drivers will also have the option of buying an extended warranty through the dealer or a service plan of their choice through a private company.

Getting a bankruptcy auto loan is a distinct possibility for anyone. As long as you have a job, your dealer is going to get you approved for a loan. Stop by your local dealer lot or showroom today to see the next car that you are going to be driving down the road.

If you have recently been in the position where you had to file bankruptcy in order to stay afloat, you might have felt a mix of relief from taking care of all of your debt and from feeling like you won’t be able to get any type of financing for the next ten years. Although it is certainly true that things can be a whole lot more difficult on you after filing bankruptcy, however, you should know that it won’t be impossible for you to get used cars on credit. In fact, you can always seek auto dealer financing for bankruptcy filers if you are in need of a vehicle but are afraid you can’t get one due to your bankruptcy situation.

Where Can You Find Auto Dealer Financing for Bankruptcy Filers?

Although it can definitely be a whole lot harder to find car financing after filing bankruptcy, there are a host of car dealers who offer their own financing and who make it really easy for you to get a car after bankruptcy. Therefore, you will definitely want to consider heading to a dealership that offers its own financing versus a more traditional car dealership if you have filed bankruptcy sometime in the last ten years and want to buy a car.

What is Involved in Dealer Financing?

Dealer financing is actually a really simple process, and it will probably be a whole lot easier to get a car through this type of financing than you think. Here are the basic steps that you will need to follow to get car financing after bankruptcy:

  • Find a car dealership in your area that offers dealer financing and that works with clients who have filed bankruptcy.
  • Make sure you have the documents that the dealership will ask for, such as a proof of the money that you have coming in and identification to prove who you are.
  • Pick out a vehicle that you are interested in, think will be reliable and know you will be happy driving for the next several years.
  • Go through a simple application and purchasing process, then drive your new vehicle straight off of the lot without any concern about your bankruptcy.

To make things just that simple and to get the car you need even though you have had financial troubles and filed bankruptcy in the past, Canada Auto Approval will offer its own auto financing for clients who have bad credit or who have filed bankruptcy.

A consumer proposal or bankruptcy can ruin your credit and leave you in a financial mess for months on end. The good news is that still wants to do business with you. Despite the fact that you just went through a rough financial patch, we believe you deserve a second chance at getting a car on credit, and we want to help you rebuild your credit rating.

Get a Deal Done When You Need an Auto Loan after Bankruptcy

We want to help you get into a vehicle that you are proud to drive. After all, it is hard to start your day right when you have to climb into a cold car that doesn’t have a radio. Therefore, let us help you avoid this situation by offering you affordable and agreeable auto loan terms regardless of your slow credit.

How Can A Deal Be Done?

Getting a deal done is a lot easier than you think. If you need an auto loan after bankruptcy, all you need is a job and a low debt-to-income ratio. Our finance managers can play with the numbers as long as it takes to make sure that you can gain approval. If an outside bank cannot approve you, we will use in-house financing to take care of you. This means that there is no waiting around and wondering if you are going to be approved.

What Will I Qualify For?

Each person will qualify for a different amount depending on their income and ability to pay. For the most part, you should be ready to buy:

  • A car less than $10,000
  • A late-model pre-owned car
  • A cat that may or may not have a warranty

While that may sound dire, there are many great cars that are more than five years old. Drivers will also have the option of buying an extended warranty through the dealer or a service plan of their choice through a private company.

Getting a loan after bankruptcy is a distinct possibility for anyone. As long as you have a job, Canada Auto Approval is going to get you approved for a loan. Stop by your local GTA dealer lot today to see the next car that you are going to be driving down the road.

If you have bad credit but need to buy a new car, you may be concerned about your credit score preventing you from being able to qualify for a loan. At a traditional dealership, you typically need to have great credit to be able to qualify for an auto loan. Instead of stressing out about the qualification process for a loan at a traditional dealer, you can buy a car with no credit check in Toronto. There are many dealerships around the GTA that are considered no credit check dealers, and can offer you guaranteed financing for any credit history.

Learn More about Your Options

When you work with a dealer that does not perform credit checks, you will not have to stress about whether or not you will get approved. You will qualify for an auto loan, but you should be aware that the interest rate may be higher than usual. In addition, you may still need to provide collateral or have someone co-sign on the loan. If you cannot meet these qualifications, then you still may be able to qualify for an auto loan. You can speak with our finance managers about alternative arrangements that are available to assist you in financing a new car at an affordable price to fit your budget.

Dealerships Offering No Credit Check

Not all dealerships around Ontario will offer no credit check, even if they offer bad credit auto loans, so you want to look for the following types:

  • Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships
  • Rent to Own Car Lots
  • We Finance Anyone Dealers

With this auto loan type, you will be able to drive off of the lot on the same day with a new car. You will then be given a payment schedule and may need to make payments at the dealership on a monthly or weekly basis. You can arrange the payment terms with the dealer, and this can help you negotiate terms that are favorable for your situation.

Visit Us Today

You do not have to wait any longer to get the help that you need for auto loans. Our loan experts are able to help you buy a car with no credit check. You can get a quality car and the transportation that you need with help Canada Auto Approval. If you need help in assessing the different loan options available to you, then feel free to call one of our loan experts at a time that is convenient for you.

If you have a poor credit score because you made some financial mistakes in the past, then hopefully you were able to learn from those mistakes and will not make the same ones again in the future. In fact, as a result, you are most likely a much more financially responsible person at this point in your life. Unfortunately, it can take years for that to reflect on your actual credit score, and in the meantime, you may have a very difficult time when it comes to getting approved for loans. What can you do?

Find Auto Loan Programs for You

Fortunately, you are not alone in having a bad credit score. Many people find themselves in situations very similar to yours; they made mistakes with their credit in the past but have since learned from them and grown as a result. Unfortunately, many banks rely on a person’s credit score as part of the main criteria for deciding whether or not they will be approved for a loan. As unfair as this may seem, it is pretty standard protocol for most lenders and is a legal requirement for all federally owned banks.

This does not mean, however, that you have no other options. In fact, there are plenty of other options out there for people who need an auto loan with bad credit. For starters, there are many dealerships out there, like Canada Auto Approval, that offer auto loan programs poor credit history. These dealers realize that not everybody is perfect, but that to turn down everybody with a poor credit score would be senseless in terms of the dealership’s own success.

Apply for an Auto Loan Program

If you have poor credit, then you may want to check and see if you may qualify for auto loan programs poor credit history. You may be surprised to find that you can be approved instantly for an auto loan as long as you:

  • Are 18 or older
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Have a bank account
  • Have a steady source of money

Such auto loan programs as the one mentioned above do not even require a credit check, so you will not have to worry about that ruining your chances of being approved. Apply online today for a pre-approval and drive away tomorrow!

You have probably seen advertisements in your local area, online and in the newspaper about guaranteed bad credit auto financing, but you could be wondering if this is something that is real or not. Although it might seem like a scam, guaranteed bad credit auto financing is actually a real thing that offers, and it helps tons of car buyers who don’t have good credit to get the vehicles that they are so desperately in need of. If you don’t have good credit yourself but need to purchase a nice and reliable vehicle to drive, you just might find that this type of auto financing is the right solution for you.

What is Guaranteed Poor Credit Auto Financing?

Guaranteed bad credit vehicle financing was designed for people who don’t have good credit but who are ready to purchase a vehicle. Many of the new car dealerships around Greater Toronto don’t offer guaranteed approvals because they don’t want to take a risk on a borrower with less than perfect credit. Luckily, there are dealerships that offer their own in-house financing which is what allows us to guaranteed bad credit financing.

We don’t have a third party lender making the rules for us. We finance the deal, meaning you receive the money for the vehicle from us, you pay us at the dealership, and you never have to work with a third party company. This allows us to offer auto loans to people with bad credit, and get them terms they can afford while making the process much more personal. You can get the car you want without have to jump through any hoops or waiting to improve your credit score.

How Can You Qualify for Guaranteed Poor Credit Car Financing?

You will never be turned away from our North York, ON dealership because of damaged credit scores, but there are some things you will need to do to ensure hassle free financing.

  • Make sure that you have both your driver’s license or ID and your social insurance number with you when you apply for financing.
  • Inquire about whether you will need a down payment and how much it will be, and make sure that you bring along this cash with you.
  • Bring in something that will show the dealer that you can meet your financial obligation, such as a recent stub from your paycheck.

You no longer have to search for car dealerships accepting people with bad credit because Canada Auto Approval is here. We make it easy to apply, easy to pick out your car, and easy to drive away.

If you have bad credit and have recently spoken to someone from a car dealership about financing, you might have been disappointed to find that they wouldn’t even consider you or that they wanted thousands of dollars up front as a down payment in order to offer you financing. Although not having any money to put down and having bad credit can seem like a bad boat to be in if you want to purchase a vehicle, however, you should know that it is possible to get bad credit auto loans no money down. To do so, though, you will need to find a company that is ready and willing to help you in your situation.

Where to Go for Bad Credit Auto Loans No Money Down

Obviously, not every dealership or lending institution offers options for those who have bad credit, and a lot of the ones that do will want you to shell out two or three thousand dollars as a down payment. If that isn’t feasible for you, however, you really shouldn’t worry; you can get the car that you need and that will fit your current budget and situation if you go with Canada Auto Approval’s dealer financing instead.

Here are a couple of things you can look for when searching for one of these Ontario dealerships around Brampton, Guelph, London, or Stratford:

  • Look for one that advertises “on the lot financing,” “dealer financing,” or other similar wordings so that you can find a dealership that offers financing that is easy and right for someone in your situation.
  • Before springing to buy a car, check out the cars that the dealership offers to make sure that you are actually interested in something there. Otherwise, there is no sense in finding financing for a car that you don’t even like.
  • Make sure that the people who work at the dealership seem genuinely helpful and that they seem ready and willing to answer your questions, work with you, etc.

How to Get an Auto Loan with Poor Credit

Finding the right dealership really is the hardest step to getting your car loan with poor credit and zero money down. Once you have come across the right dealership, the rest is a lot easier than many people think; usually, all you have to do is to bring in a few basic pieces of information, fill out a simple application form and then drive away with your car. It’s really that simple to get a car loan with poor credit and a low down payment.

If you have poor credit and haven’t had your job very long, you could find yourself getting turned away by a lot of lenders and banks, and you could think that it is useless to continue looking for a car. In many cases, the lenders that you speak to about financing for a vehicle will look for a couple of things:

  • A decent credit history
  • A high enough income to cover the car payments easily
  • A steady job that you have held for a while

Fortunately, it is completely within your reach to get an auto loan with bad credit and little time on job, but you will need to follow a couple of important steps in order to do so.

Where Can You Go to Get a Car Loan with Bad Credit and Short Job Time?

If you have bad credit and little time on your job, you might want to stay away from large dealerships, such as the ones that sell new cars. Instead, you will definitely want to search for a dealership that handles all of its own financing in-house; these dealerships are usually much easier to deal with when you have bad credit and are dealing with other issues, such as a new job.

Steps to Take To Get Approved for Your Auto Loan

Before you go to a dealership or apply for a car loan pre-approval there are some steps you should take to ensure you get the best auto financing deal possible for your situation.

  • Sit down, take a breather and take an honest look at your financial situation. Do you think your job is going to be stable for the next several years? Do you make enough money to pay a car payment without struggling and getting behind on it or your other bills? How much can you actually afford to shell out each month for car insurance and a car payment?
  • Secure financing before going to any Ontario dealership. This will prevent you from getting your heart set on a vehicle that way above your price range and budget.
  • Take the time to gather up the materials that you will need to bring with you to the car dealership when you go to purchase a car. Generally, this includes things like stubs from your recent paychecks and proper identification.
  • Head to our North York dealership, and allow yourself plenty of time to browse for a car and discuss loan terms and rates.
  • Pick out the vehicle that you want, and drive it off the lot, congratulating yourself for finding a car loan with poor credit and with a new job.

Although you might not think it will go this smoothly, it really can if you find the right dealership that is willing to give you a second chance with a special finance car loan. These loans will help you to rebuild your credit scores, so the next time you need a vehicle you can waltz into our dealerships without having to worry about a pre-approval.

If you have bad credit, you certainly aren’t alone; there are a whole lot of people out there who have low credit scores and negative entries on their credit reports. Although you might have already noticed that it can be a lot more difficult to do normal things like purchase vehicles because of your poor credit rating, you should know that there are plenty of car dealerships for people with bad credit that are willing to help people just like you.

How Can You Find Car Dealerships for People with Bad Credit?

Believe it or not, car dealerships that are specifically set up to help buyers who don’t have good credit are more prevalent in the Greater Toronto area than you probably think; they are practically everywhere. At we are a car dealer no will perform no credit check on you. In fact, we don’t care about your credit score at all. As long as you have a reliable and steady income you can drive off our lot today in a pre-owned vehicle of your liking

The great thing about Canada Auto Approval is that we handle our own auto financing, meaning that you don’t have to try to convince some big-shot banker that you are capable of making a car payment. Instead, you work directly with the finance managers at our Ontario dealerships who want to approve you and are accustomed to helping individuals who have bad credit scores, but who want to purchase vehicles with financing to help them achieve these types of goals.

If you have bad credit, you certainly aren’t alone; there are a whole lot of people out there who have low credit scores and negative entries on their credit reports. Although you might have already noticed that it can be a lot more difficult to do normal things like purchase vehicles because of your poor credit rating, you should know that there are plenty of car dealerships for people with bad credit that are willing to help people just like you.

How Can You Find Car Dealerships for People with Bad Credit?

Believe it or not, car dealerships that are specifically set up to help buyers who don’t have good credit are more prevalent in the Greater Toronto area than you probably think; they are practically everywhere. At we are a car dealer no will perform no credit check on you. In fact, we don’t care about your credit score at all. As long as you have a reliable and steady income you can drive off our lot today in a pre-owned vehicle of your liking

The great thing about Canada Auto Approval is that we handle our own auto financing, meaning that you don’t have to try to convince some big-shot banker that you are capable of making a car payment. Instead, you work directly with the finance managers at our Ontario dealerships who want to approve you and are accustomed to helping individuals who have bad credit scores, but who want to purchase vehicles with financing to help them achieve these types of goals.

What Do You Need to Do to Purchase a Car with Bad Credit?

Now that you have found a local used car dealership that offers financing for buyers who have poor credit scores, the rest is a breeze. These are the simple steps you will need to follow to drive a car off of the lot:

  • Fill out our online pre-approval application.
  • Have your papers in order when you arrive at the dealership; this includes gathering up things like copies of your bank statements or some other proof that you have a steady income coming in and your driver’s license.
  • Sit down and speak with someone from the dealership who can guide you through the obtaining dealer financing for your new car.
  • Pick out the vehicle that you want to purchase and have the papers drawn up.

Talking to someone who handles the financing and sales at the dealership will help point you in the right direction so that you can get a new-to-you car today, regardless of how dismal your credit score might be.

Many people have given up on buying cars because they don’t think there is really such a thing as car loans for bad credit rating, but you should know that it is completely and totally possible to find car financing if you have bad credit but really need a vehicle. In fact, with it’s a whole lot easier than most people think, and you could have a vehicle this week, even if you don’t have perfect credit.

Where Can You Find Car Loans for Bad Credit Rating?

Although there are a couple of different routes that you can take to try to purchase a car that is financed, going Toronto buy here pay here dealerships that offer their own financing, like Canada Auto Approval, is usually one of the best options for people who don’t have excellent credit but who want to purchase vehicles without having to wait for their credit scores to improve. These dealerships usually offer really great used cars that are offered at completely reasonable prices, and the process of getting credit through them for your car is usually miles easier than it would be if you were to attempt to get bad credit financing somewhere else.

How You Can Get Your Bad Credit Car Loan?

If all of this sounds pretty good to you, you aren’t alone. More and more people are beginning to seek auto loans for bad credit through dealer financing and companies that specialize in helping those who need cars but don’t have good credit. Here are the simple steps that you will need to follow in order to get your car loan, even if your credit score is really low:

  • Pick out a dealership. Not only should you look for one that offers bad credit auto financing, but you should also seek out one that has nice, professional staff members and cars that you are interested in test driving and potentially buying.
  • Fill out an online application on their website so you can get approved for your poor credit auto loan before visiting the dealership.
  • Gather up the materials that you are going to take with you, such as copies of check stubs from your job or copies of your bank statements and proof of ID.
  • Talk to someone from the dealership about your situation, what you want and what you can feasibly afford.

Following these steps can make it completely possible for you to buy a car from our North York, ON dealership, no matter how bad your credit might be.

If you have bad credit or no credit and need a car, you may be interested in looking into a no credit check car dealer. Many Toronto used car dealerships offer loans to anyone, despite any negative aspects of their credit situation. No credit check car dealers are available and can be found throughout Toronto, but all of them are reputable. Finding a dealership like is necessary if you want to get the best auto loan deal for poor credit. Our financing department will be able to help you get into the vehicle you need regardless of your current financial and credit status.

The Advantages of a No Credit Check Car Dealer

These types of loans generally are associated with higher interest rates and shorter loan terms which may not be beneficial to all borrowers. The consumers it will most benefit are those with damaged or slow credit and this is why:

  1. It’s fast. A no credit check Ontario car dealership will usually be able to get you into a vehicle immediately. It usually only takes a few hours for them to draw up the paperwork and for you to locate a vehicle that you desire.
  2. It’s available to those without credit. There are very few alternatives to a no credit car dealership loan if you have really awful credit, and the alternatives that do exist are usually not worthwhile.
  3. It’s affordable. There are many ways that a no credit check loan from Canada Auto Approval can be modified to make it easier for you to make your payments. These loans can be stretched out over a longer period of time so that you can receive lower monthly payments.

Using a No Credit Check Car Dealership

Our North York used car dealership allows you to use your income as your credit. This means that you will need to have documentation regarding your income level. Documentation can come in many different forms. Many people bring in cancelled checks or pay stubs as proof of income, though you may need anywhere from three to six months. Tax statements and wage statements such as your T4 will also be a usable form of documentation. If you have irregular income your work may be a little more difficult. You may need to use checking statements to prove that you have income, or get a letter from your employers or clients regarding the amounts that are paid to you.

Obtaining a poor credit auto loan does not have to be difficult. Many people in Toronto, and throughout Ontario may suffer from bad credit but this does not have to prevent them from getting the auto loan that they desperately need. There are many methods to get a bad credit auto loan that can be done quickly and effectively. This will allow a person with poor credit to immediately acquire a vehicle and begin rebuilding their credit history at the same time. An auto loan from is an excellent way to increase your credit scores.

Things to Do Before Acquiring a Poor Credit Auto Loan

If you are suffering from damaged credit there are a few things you can do before you apply for auto financing that could help to ensure your approval. These include:

  • The borrower should try to watch their spending habits in order to save money to use as a down payment on your car loan.
  • The borrower can consider acquiring a cosigner to personally guarantee their loan in the event that they cannot continue to pay for it.

A down payment and a cosigner are two things most subprime lenders going to look for when they receive your application. While these are not always requirements for an accepted application they certainly help your chances at getting approved for a car loan with bad credit. This is because even if you aren’t able to afford your car anymore someone else is volunteering to do so and they’ve already made a profit from your down payment.

Tools for Acquiring an Auto Loan with Bad Credit

The internet offers many tools for the acquisition of getting car credit approval with poor credit. In particular, search engines that link borrowers to potential lenders can be very useful. Those with poor credit can use these search engines to automatically pull up a list of lenders that are offering special finance car loans. The borrower should then apply for as many of these loans as possible to see which ones they qualify for. The loans that do approve the borrower can be compared with each other. Borrowers should usually select a few of their best choices just in case one or more of the lenders falls through. This will make it as easy as possible to adjust to unforeseen circumstances.

Get a Loan through a Bad Credit Dealership

One easy way for someone with poor credit to acquire a loan quickly is to just go to a dealership that offers poor credit loans. Many dealerships that offer financing will also offer a variety of financing options for those with poor credit or bad credit. This means that the borrower will be able to approach these dealerships for a loan that can be written immediately after they select a car. Dealerships can be the easiest way for someone with a problematic credit report to get a vehicle and it is almost always the fastest way. Using one dealership, like Canada Auto Approval that offers their finance application online, means that the borrower does not have to go through many different loan applications and does not have to deal with multiple companies.

You may have been convinced by other lenders that your credit is too poor to qualify for an auto loan. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone deserves to drive a safe and reliable car that can be driven to school, work or wherever else you need to go.

Auto Sales for Bad Credit Is A Real Concept

Auto sales for borrowers with bad credit are a concept that is embracing at our North York, ON dealership. This is because we want to be able to help a customer who has been rejected elsewhere get the special finance car loan they need. It is also partially due to the fact that dealerships are allowed to make their own loans to help customers purchase a car if they cannot find financing elsewhere.

Will My Credit Be Checked for Bad Credit Auto Loans?

Yes, it is likely that your credit will be checked. The good news is that it will only be checked to determine your:

  • Interest Rate
  • Maximum Loan Amount
  • Loan Payment Terms

For many people who come to, which specializes in bad credit auto loans, the credit check is a mere formality. If you need a larger loan balance, terms can be crafted to ensure that you get as much money as you need to buy the car that is right for you and your family.

What Happens If You Miss A Payment?

If you miss a payment on any car loan, whether it’s from a conventional lender or a subprime lender, you face the chance of repossession. Fortunately though, Canada Auto Approval will create a loan package that fits in nicely with your monthly budget that helps you avoid missed payments.

Getting a loan is an important step in buying your next car. While you can make it easier to get a loan by offering a large down payment, you shouldn’t need one to get approved for a loan. All you need is a job and the dedication to stick to your payment plan. If you can do that, you can get a great car while improving your credit at the same time.

special finance car loan is a car loan that is intended for those with bad credit, poor credit, no credit or judgments against their credit such as bankruptcies, foreclosures or repossessions. Special finance car loans are available for those who would otherwise present too high of a risk to get a car loan. Many banks in Ontario will not offer special car loans to these high risk borrowers, but there is one place to get a loan:

Obtaining a Special Finance Car Loan

  • Contact your local dealerships and ask them if they offer financing on the lot. Many of the Greater Toronto Area used car dealerships today do, but not all of them. You can easily ascertain if a car dealership offers this type of financing by either calling them or just going down to the dealership.
  • Contact the financing department and explain your special financing considerations. Only by knowing your exact financial situation can the department determine the best bad credit auto loan package for you. For instance, if you currently have a high debt-to-income ratio, the dealership may want to extend the term of your loan to make your car payments lower and more manageable.
  • Find the car that you need. Our North York dealership has a large inventory of used vehicles that could suit your needs, and all you will have to do is select a vehicle that fits into your budget. The financing department can help you determine how much you can afford to spend.
  • Let the dealership handle the rest. We will then put together an auto loan package that is appropriate for you and draw out all the necessary paperwork. Once this paperwork has been completed you can simply sign the papers and drive off in your car.

Who Needs a Special Finance Loan?

Anyone who has less than optimal credit is likely to need special financing from a dealership. Special financing may be required for those that don’t have a credit history as well, such as students or those who have never needed to take out a loan or a credit line in the past. Many people need a special financing loan for other reasons than bad credit scores, such as having a high debt-to-income ratio or having been taken to collections in the past for prior debts. Those that have a foreclosure or bankruptcy on their report will also need special financing. Fortunately, at Canada Auto Approval we offer auto loans for people who have bad credit.

Getting a second chance on anything isn’t easy when you have messed up your credit, regardless of the reason, and second chance auto loans are no exception. It isn’t always easy to find auto loans for people with bad credit in Ontario, but just because it can be a little more work to find them doesn’t mean that you can’t get a vehicle. Instead, you have to know where to look in order to get a second chance car loan for yourself and that’s where can help.

Subprime Lenders Offering Second Chance Car Loans

We work with lenders in North York, Brampton, and Hamilton that work with individuals who don’t have the best of credit, and you can get financing through one of these companies. However, keep these things in mind:

  • Not everyone with poor credit can get approved by a subprime lender; there are some requirements you must meet such as gross income.
  • You might be asked for a down payment in exchange for the lender taking a chance on you.
  • You may be asked to have a cosigner on the loan.

Dealer Financing Auto Loans

Some people believe working with a subprime lender is not the right decision for them because many time a down payment is required. If this is how you are feeling you aren’t out of luck. Canada Auto Approval also offers dealer financing. Our financing managers will work hard to help people just like you get into a car regardless of your credit history or down payment situation.

With this type of auto financing, you don’t have to worry if your credit score is much lower than you would like for it to be. Instead, you will typically go through a very simple approval process, and you shouldn’t have a difficult time getting approved for auto financing as long as you have some sort of income coming in so that you can make your car payment.

Having bad credit doesn’t have to prevent you from getting an auto loan. Recently, many of those with bad credit have been receiving loans through bad credit lenders fairly easily. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that bad credit lenders can offer the best auto loans for bad credit. At we have many options available today for those that have bad credit, poor credit and no credit, and this means that you are allowed to be picky about the loan that you choose.

Bad Credit Auto Lenders

Auto lenders that specialize in loans for those with bad credit will usually be able to provide you a loan very easily. Many of these Ontario auto lenders – like Canada Auto Approval – will allow you to do the entire loan application process online. This means that you will be able to apply for a loan and receive a pre-approval within a matter of minutes. There are many types of bad credit lenders out there and some may not

In-House Financing Dealerships

Dealerships that offer in-house financing are one of the most popular ways that borrowers today are getting loans. You can usually get a loan very easily by visiting our North York dealership and consulting with our financing department. A dealership will usually be able to provide you with a loan on the spot, which means that you will be able to get your vehicle very quickly.

Ways to Improve Your Credit

If you’re looking to get a car loan, but want to wait until you have improved your credit score to get a competitive interest rate; you can do so by:

  • Correcting any mistakes on your credit report. Mistakes can have a big affect on your credit score.
  • Paying down any loans and credit cards. Student loans and mortgage loans are good debt that can be kept, credit cards and personal loans are bad debt that needs to be paid down.
  • Avoiding any late payments and new credit inquiries.

Many people believe that you need perfect credit to qualify for an automobile loan. This is only partially true. You do need perfect credit to qualify for a conventional loan, such as a loan through a bank. However, you do not need perfect credit if you are willing to consider alternative sources for purchasing a vehicle, like applying for an auto loan online with Our North York dealership offers consumers with bad credit the opportunity to drive away in a great used car with an affordable loan that can help you rebuild your credit score.

Improve your Credit with a Bad Credit Auto Loan

Improving your credit score does not have to be difficult. There are a few simple tricks that you can use to try to improve your credit score quickly.

  • Remove any inaccuracies on your report
  • Pay down existing loans to lower your credit utilization
  • Get a secured credit card and make small purchases and pay it off every month
  • Apply for a car loan through Canada Auto Approval
  • Work with credit repair agencies and credit counseling companies

Rebuilding your credit score with an auto loan is possible with Canada Auto Approval. Our finance managers specialize in bad credit car loans and can help you to customize your terms to best suit your needs including weekly payment options. This will help you stay on top of your loan without defaulting resulting in a higher credit score.

Budgeting for you Auto Loan

It’s very important for anyone who is thinking about purchasing a new or used car to create a comprehensive monthly budget. This budget should include all of your income and expenses. You will need to determine your likely insurance rates and budget for gasoline, maintenance and repairs for your new vehicle. You should settle on an amount that you can afford each month or week for a car payment and you should not forget to set aside some money for savings. Once you have the proper amount you will need to stick with it regardless of what happens when you go to select a vehicle, and our salesmen will help.

Bad Credit Auto Loan Down Payment

If the loan that you require necessitates a down payment you may need to save up money. There are some simple ways you can make saving money easier. You can forego small luxuries such as impulse purchases. You can also consider borrowing your down payment from another source instead, but at we offer Ontario residents low or no money down car loans with bad credit.

Visiting an Automobile Dealership

Before you visit our North York dealership you should apply online for a pre-approval. This will give you a good idea of what vehicles you can look at on our lot. Once you consult with the financing department about your loan requirements you can look through the inventory of the dealership for the car that suits your needs and negotiate to get the best terms available to you. Finalize the paperwork and drive the car home the same day!

In the greater Toronto area alone, you will see so many different types of car dealerships. As a result, you have become a little bit overwhelmed by all of the different choices available. There are traditional dealerships who accept mostly prime credit scores, subprime dealerships – like – who accept people with bad credit, and buy here pay here dealers who don’t even do a credit check. When you are interested in buy here pay here used car dealerships, here is some important information that you definitely want to keep in mind.

What Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships Are

A major part of successfully taking out a car loan is to completely understand the place from which you are obtaining the loan. Buy here pay here used car dealerships are a little bit different than other places where you might purchase a vehicle in North York. For example, they don’t offer the convenience of online pre-approvals before you visit the dealer.

The major difference, however, between us and the local BHPH dealership is that these places generally do not perform credit checks, and therefore, the bad credit auto loans are not going to be based on your credit scores at all. This could seem like an advantage to those with poor credit, but chances are you will have higher interest rates for a short loan term, making your monthly or weekly payments very high.

Who These BHPH Dealers Benefit

When you drive past these lots, you may see a couple of cars that catch your eye. You may be wondering if you are a suitable candidate for buying a car at one of these dealers. Basically, the people who purchase cars from these places are:

  • Individuals with poor credit history
  • Individuals who have no credit history at all

If you fall into one of these categories, then these types of loans could potentially be good for you, but make sure to weigh all your options.

Ask Past Buy Here Pay Here Customers

Before you sign on the dotted line at the nearest dealership with in-house financing, talk to friends and family about their experiences at different locations. Perhaps you have a family member or friend who turned his or her life around with a car loan.

After being in an intense bad credit situation with credit card debt or otherwise low credit scores, this person was able to make a new future with the auto loan. By making the payments, this individual really brought his or her credit scores up, and the financial future was so much brighter. Realize that dealerships with on the lot financing usually do not report your payments to the dealership. As a result, you do not have the opportunity to improve your scores.

At Canada Auto Approval, we always report your on-time payments because we want to help you improve your credit while buying the car you need. Apply online today to get started!

For some time now, you have known that your credit situation is not all that good. However, you have not had any financial opportunities that you have needed to qualify for, so you really have not been paying attention to it. However, now you need auto loans for people with bad credit. What do you need to do and what should you know?

Pre-Approved Auto Loans for Bad Credit

Since you have bad credit, you probably have some frustrations and struggles with your financial situation. Instead of keeping up this path of difficulty, find ways to make your life simpler now. Going for a bad credit car loan pre-approval is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal. When you are pre-approved by, you know how much you are able to afford. You can look at cars in your price range, and you can feel a relief of some stress when you visit our North York, ON car dealership.

Negotiating a Bad Credit Car Loan

If you have ever purchased a car before, you know that negotiations are a part of the process. When you have low credit scores, however, you will likely have to work with the dealership more than usual. You may have to:

  • Agree to the sticker price of the car
  • Agree to a higher down payment to balance out your credit scores
  • Accept higher interest rates, at least until you can refinance

When you are unclear on any of the terms in your loan, you can ask our financial specialists about them before signing the paperwork.

Financing a Vehicle Can Rebuild your Bad Credit

Right now, you might be thinking of a car loan as a necessary evil. You need to get to work so that you can start to pay off some of your bills, and you are not able to afford the car in any other way than through a loan. However, you should also consider how these loans can really benefit you.

Hopefully, you will make all of your payments on time, and you will pay in the full amount each month. By doing so, you can expect to see your credit scores move upward soon. Taking out car loans is something that plenty of people have to do when they want a vehicle. Now, you know that you can do it even when you have poor credit scores.

If you have bad credit but need an auto loan with no money down you may be encountering some issues. It can be difficult to get no money down bad credit car loans, but it is by no means impossible. Here at we offer a few options for those who need a bad credit car loan or a no money down loan in North York, Brampton, Thornhill, and the Greater Toronto Area. But you will need to consider your personal situation before you decide on the best possible loan for you.

Options if You Have No Money Down

Times are tough and many people don’t have the cash savings to put a large down payment on a vehicle. If this is the case, there are other options to consider.

  • Borrow your down payment. One thing that you can do to make your life a little easier is to actually borrow your down payment. You may be able to take out a personal loan for your down payment, such as a bad credit personal loan from a lender.
  • Charge your down payment. You can put a vehicle down payment on a credit card. This can be especially useful if you open a new credit card that allows you a benefit such as a year without interest.
  • Find a loan that requires no down payment. Some lenders, such as buy here pay here car lots, will allow you to purchase a car without a down payment. This can be very useful if you simply cannot locate a source for the payment, but keep in mind many of these dealerships do not report your payments to the credit bureaus.

Options if You Have Bad Credit

Poor credit no longer needs to hold you back. There are many options of people with bad credit to obtain auto financing with a bad credit score.

  • Use a cosigner. A cosigner is one of the most popular ways to get a loan if you have bad credit, but it means that you will need someone close to you that has good credit to cosign the loan.
  • Use a bad credit loan. At Canada Auto Approval we offer auto loans to people with bad credit. You can apply online to see what you are eligible for.
  • Use a BHPH loan. A loan at a buy here pay here car lot will usually be able to finance anyone, including those with bad credit.

The Best Options For No Money Down Bad Credit Loans

Of all the solutions available, a buy here pay here dealership financed loan is the only solution that will allow you to buy a car with both no money down and bad credit. A bad credit auto loan through a dealership is also usually the easiest way to get a used car loan because everything can be handled directly at the dealership.

Looking into your credit report and scores might present you with some unpleasant surprises. At the current time, your credit is worse than you imagined it would be, and on top of that, you also need a car. Well, you’ll be happy to know, auto loans for people with bad credit are available in Ontario.

How People with Bad Credit can Obtain a Car Loan

It’s a simple process to obtain auto loans for people with bad credit in the greater Toronto area. Just follow these 3 easy steps and you’ll be driving in no time.

  1. Apply for a pre-approval using our secure online application
  2. Review our used cars that fall within your price range
  3. Visit our dealership and pick out your next vehicle

A pre-approval is smart for you because you won’t have to deal with anxiety over an approval once you arrive at our North York used car dealership. Furthermore, you can find out if other options, such as having a co-signer, would make sense for you.

Which Cars to Finance with a Bad Credit Auto Loan

You might also be trying to decide whether you need a car, truck or SUV. Of course, going for the pre-approval will help you to narrow down some of the options. Will you be able to afford a brand new vehicle? Well, if you have a large down payment saved up, then this type of car might be a possibility. However, used autos and certified pre-owned ones are more likely to fit your situation.

After You Obtain Your Vehicle Financing

Once you sign on the line for the financing, you need to ensure that you are actually paying it back in a timely fashion. Failure to do so could mean that your credit scores drop even more and your car could eventually become repossessed. When you take out that loan you may have higher interest rates due to your poor credit scores. Once you have paid on the loan for six months, or so, you can apply for a refinance with us. These types of programs can help to lower your interest rates once you have improved your credit scores so that the monthly payments are much more affordable.

Applying for a car loan when you have low credit scores might seem a bit frightening. Fortunately, these tips will help you to obtain a vehicle that you have had your eyes on for quite some time now.

We Help People With Bad Credit Buy a Car

Once you have signed on the dotted line for your poor credit car financing, make sure that you make your payments on time. Unlike many other buy here pay here or in-house financing used car lots in the greater Toronto area we report your timely payments to the top credit agencies in Canada, including Transunion and Equifax.

We want to make it possible for you to purchase the used truck or SUV you need, but we also want to help you rebuild your credit scores along the way. That way, next time you want to buy an automobile or even refinance your vehicle, you’ll qualify for better rates and terms.

Whether you are a first time car buyer or a seasoned purchaser of vehicles, having no credit or bad credit is frustrating. We’ll help take the stress out of getting another vehicle with our fast and easy financing process.