To join the referral initiative at Canada Auto Approval, begin by completing a straightforward referral form. This form is user-friendly and can be conveniently filled out either online or in-person at our dealership.

For online submissions, furnish your contact details, such as your name and phone number. Include the name and contact information of the person you’re referring to our dealership. You might also be asked for details regarding the type of vehicle they are interested in and the most suitable time to contact.

Accuracy and completeness are crucial when filling out the referral form. The information you provide will be used by Canada Auto Approval to follow up with your referral and facilitate your reward payment processing.

After submitting the referral form, it undergoes a review by a Canada Auto Approval team member. If the referral culminates in a successful sale, our team will contact you, confirming your eligibility for the $1000 reward.

Please remind your referral to inform the salesperson about the referral before negotiations commence. This step is vital for us to track the referral and process the reward payment accordingly.

By actively participating in Canada Auto Approval’s referral program, you have the opportunity to earn a $1000 reward for each successful referral. Seize the chance to refer your friends and family today and kickstart your rewards journey!

Canada Auto Approval $1000 Referral Program